Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition


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This course has open enrollment.   You can begin this course at any time that is convenient for you.   You will have 6 months from the time you register to complete the coure. 


IMPORTANT: BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THIS COURSE: If you register for this course, you do not need to register for the Foundational Course as it is included in this course. 

The overall objective of this program is to train professionals on the appropriate, safe, and effective therapeutic use of ketogenic nutrition to improve clinical outcomes in a broad range of chronic metabolic conditions. By translating cutting-edge nutrition science research into practice, this program will:  1) provide gold-standard training for nutrition and other healthcare professionals on the optimal use of ketogenic nutrition, including when it is of benefit and when it is contraindicated, and 2) raise awareness of the benefits of ketogenic nutrition when implemented under the direction of a trained healthcare practitioner. 

The ketogenic diet (KD) is a growing area of nutrition science research and of public interest, but few vetted, science-based training programs for healthcare practitioners currently exist on how to properly implement a KD.  The American Nutrition Association (ANA) has developed this online program to provide the robust standards needed to enable practitioners to best determine when ketogenic nutrition is indicated and how to implement it to personalize intervention and optimize outcomes. 

The Advanced training course is a required component for the  Certified Ketogenic Nutrition SpecialistSM credential offered by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS).*

Program Description

The program consists of 6 modules plus a final examination and is geared toward nutrition and other healthcare practitioners with nutrition in their scope of practice. 

Modules 1 and 2 introduce ketogenic nutrition by addressing the history of the ketogenic diet and the basic foundations of the science in support of it, as well as an understanding of ketone metabolism and the general principles of the dietary formulation.  Module 3 will provide learners with the tools to assess, implement and monitor a ketogenic diet.  Modules 4-6 will provide learners with the science to support the application of the ketogenic diet in select health conditions, including disorders of insulin regulation, cancer, and neurological disorders.  

General Module Format

Each module in your ketogenic nutrition training program will provide you with --

1.   Access to our online LMS system so that you may learn at your own pace

2.   Digital manual which you may download

3.   Access to a set of supplemental reading, including journal articles, textbook references, blogs and online videos

4.   Additional readings for those wanting a deeper dive into any of the topics covered

5.   PPT to provide overview and reinforce key learning concepts presented in the digital manual

6.   Practitioner and patient handouts/tools, as applicable

7.   Case studies, as applicable

8.   Quiz to allow you to test your learning before proceeding on to the next module

9.  Five (5) Continuing Education credits (CEs) 

Approximate learning time: 10-12 hours per module

Course Details: This is 100% online and the modules are self-paced.   The course must be completed within 6 months of registration. 

Pre-Requisites for the course: The course is intended for, but not limited to, individuals who have a strong background in nutrition assessment, nutrition therapy, and biochemistry. It is designed for nutritionists and licensed health care professionals who have nutrition in their legal scope of practice. 

*Requirements to be eligible for the Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS) Examination and Credential:  Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) in good standing; OR Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) credential or licensed/certified as a  dietitian/nutritionist (LDN or CDN); OR Master's degree in Nutrition or Dietetics from a U.S. regionally accredited college or university, or its foreign equivalent; OR  Doctoral Degree in the field of nutrition, dietetics, related health science or medicine, from a United States regionally accredited college or university, or its foreign equivalent; OR  Licensed Health Care Professional  in the U.S. with nutrition in the legal scope of practice including, MD, DO, DC, ND, NP, RN, PharmD, Doctor of Nursing or foreign equivalency.  AND the completion of the Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition Training Program. 

Continuing Education Credits (CEs): Upon the successful completion of the full program, 30 CEs will be awarded from The Board for Certified Nutrition Specialists (BCNS)

Course Price includes: Modules 1-6 Training Material

Program Disclaimer:   View the program disclaimer HERE.


BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THIS COURSE: If you register for this course, you do not need to register for the Foundational Course as it is included in this course. 

REFUNDS: Refunds cannot be provided. 




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