Clinical Nutrition Science Primer

The American Nutrition Association is pleased to provide this primer to nutrition professionals, students, those interested in furthering their nutrition education and those preparing for the Certified Nutrition Specialist® examination.

Nutrition is pivotal in the maintenance of health, prevention of disease, and management of chronic conditions. Because the complex physical and chemical processes of metabolism that are necessary for the maintenance of health and well-being depend on nutritional status, the basic and applied nutritional sciences are integral to life sciences generally. In addition, the use of individual nutrients in therapeutic amounts increasingly is becoming incorporated into health maintenance and management.


The core elements of clinical nutrition knowledge and practice are outlined in Sections 1 through 8 of this Primer. In some areas, extended comments have been included to provide a more substantial framework for self-study. The CNS Examination Content Outline is found on page 11. The purchase of this Primer is not required for CNS certification and is not a guarantee of improved performance on or passing the CNS exam or obtaining the CNS certification.

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